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Posted by MikuMiku5:

Hello everyone! This is my first real blog besides Tumblr so I guess I’ll just tell you a bit about myself. I LOVE anime! You can tell by my wallpaper, I know! I can’t even pick a favorite! (Though Kill la Kill has been really up there with me lately.)

I just moved but as to where… Well… I’m not telling you! You creepers! Tee Hee!

Jpop and Jrock are my favorites when it comes to music and my favorite color is blue.

I bet you all by now think my favorite food is sushi, huh!? Well, its not. Mac and Cheese! Yum!

My hobbies are drawing, sewing, crochet, anime collection, Fan fics, and video games! I particularly I like dating sims.

Other than that, absolutely nothing special about me. I’m here because I want to make friends. I hope to meet some really nice people. So… Send me a friends request… K?

Don54: Welcome to HBlogs!

Prish00: Another weeaboo on this site? Delete plz.

Tath991: I somehow doubt you’re even a girl. Gtfo with your fake pic.
Reply: Don54 – Wow stop being an ass.

Kittiegurl: glad 2 see more girlz on this site! Add plz!

Katie Mancy

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